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I am a PCA registered damp and timber defects (CSRT) and waterproofing (CSSW) surveyor, with over 40 years experience within the construction industry. I have over that time, held numerous posts such as a remedial technician to that of a construction site manager, working on structures of historical significance through to more contemporary buildings. This has allowed me to gain a unique insight into the built environment, that enables me to readily diagnose the cause of damp, timber and general building defects, inclusive of mould related problems.

Consequently, all of my inspections are undertaken with a view to the subsequent submission of a comprehensive written report, inclusive of recommendations for any necessary works and/or future actions. As my reports represent a factual account of the condition of the property at the time of inspection, they are readily used by banking and insurance institutions, barristers and solicitors, landlords and tenants and homeowners.

Damp, Timber or Building Defects?

With over 40 years experience I can help

What does Corr Consulting Offer?

  • damp-and-timber-survey
    Damp & Timber Surveys

    I am a CSRT qualified surveyor

  • survey-for-bank
    Reports for Banks

    Reports can be used by banking institutions

  • PCA-registered
    PCA Registered

    Registered with the Property Care Association

  • waterproofing-surveys
    Waterproofing Surveys

    I am a CSSW qualified surveyor

  • insurance-eport
    Insurance Reports

    Reports are suitable for insurance purposes

  • 40-years-expereince
    40 Years Experience

    Knowledge of historical & modern buildings

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